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Doesn’t matter how old you are, come party with us and win incredible surprises during your whole birthday month!

Exclusive environment for your party and guests

More than 2 hours of pure fun

Special discount for groups of more than 12 players

Três opções de catering - sem catering, standard ou especial

Gamemasters a monitorar e acompanhar todo o evento

Includes escape games and other exclusive activities for the group

The birthday person gets a free game and 50% discount for a month


How old are you?


The selected age corresponds to a Child’s birthday.

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The selected age corresponds to an Adult birthday.

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Nothing shines more than the light inside a dark basement! If you have a special occasion to celebrate, in your home or in ours, challenge us.

In-store and out - in your home, office or event

We develop standard or custom games in the moment

Game masters to monitor and help the event

Possibility of event management - hosting, catering, other activities, transport, etc


The participants are welcomed by a Game Master (a specialist in our escape rooms) who’s in charge of helping the group to its exclusive area, until that group is complete. During up to 90 minutes, the players will be able to enjoy all the games and fun activities in our facilities, their designated escape rooms with their own briefing and final photos, and also their own exclusive catering. The reservation for birthday parties is not allowed without the booking of at least one espace game for 6 people.
The maximum duration of the event in-store, is up to 90 minutes since the moment of arrival until the group leaves, with a reception, briefings, games, snack and activities. In external events, there is no limit, as the duration is aligned and budgeted according to the event necessities.
There is no age limit, as long as minors are accompanied by an adult, but we recommend children above 6 years old.
In case there is a minor in the group, aged 14 or under, we request an adult within the group. For groups above 15 years old there are no requirements regarding the presence of an adult but we do request the contact of one. All the dynamics will be accompanied by a Game Master from Mission to Escape.
Yes, in cases where there is at least one player aged 14 or under, the presence of an adult characterised as their guardian is mandatory, both at in-store games and at external events.

If it’s an external event, there’s no limit – we’ve organised events for up to 1,400 people. In-store, our games can hold up to 6 players each, so you can have up to 30 people in Lisbon, 24 in Loures and 24 in Gaia simultaneously. If you want more guests, challenge us, we can create an activity for those waiting and create a tournament by time (for example).
Of course! The exclusive space dedicated to the party is set up for a snack, with catering and cake brought by the birthday boy or girl or provided by Mission To Escape. We have a standard menu and a special menu available; we’ll provide more details on enquiry and availability.
Reservations are subject to confirmation of availability and booking via the form (above) or e-mail with the following information: desired date and alternative (if available), age of the birthday child and the youngest player, number of guests, interest in catering conditions, contact details.
We have plenty of options. Whether it’s bringing and installing games inside your home or taking AXN S.W.A.T. Escape The Van (the only mobile escape game in Portugal) to your door and inviting your friends in, there are many options. Challenge us, we’ll make your party the talk of the town for years to come!